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  • When I began the MBM program 9 months ago I was a 5 year breast cancer survivor and 6 months out from having had both hips replaced. I had gained considerable weight after the breast cancer as I experienced considerable pain in my hips and was unable to move very well and had developed unhealthy eating habits. I knew that I would need considerable support in working my way back to complete health so I started the MBM program and committed to biweekly training sessions with a trainer. This has been, by far, one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life and it has changed my life drastically!

    I have always struggled with my weight and compulsive overeating and have turned to many programs for help over the years. The MBM program is the only program that has been able to help me for the “long haul” by teaching me techniques for changing and overcoming my unhealthy eating habits and implementing an exercise program tailored to my needs. Having a personal trainer has been instrumental in helping me stay on track in a way that has been helpful and sensitive without being tedious or judgmental.

    This has been an amazing journey and I am now pain free, cancer free and working on healthy lifestyle changes. I feel better than I have in years and have learned many techniques for changing my unhealthy habits. For example, I am:

    • learning great exercises that can be implemented anywhere
    • understanding that exercise needs to be a priority and is as important as eating and sleeping
    • preparing healthy food ahead of time and packaging it in portion control containers
    • learning what my roadblocks and triggers are and finding techniques for managing them 

    Most importantly, I have learned that this is a hard journey, i.e. it is not an easy choice and it is not a program that I will start and “finish” one day. It will be ongoing for the rest of my life and I rejoice knowing that I found it at this stage of my life. Now I am not only a breast cancer survivor but a THRIVOR due to the impact the MBM program has had on my life.

    - Vicki T